Dürr NDT Systems

Non-destructive material testing with highest image resolution

Service Power Austria is distributor and technical support partner of the German DÜRR NDT supplying the HD-CR 35 image plate scanner that is world-wide the only digitizer certified by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing.

HD CR 35-NDT image plate scanner

HD CR 35-NDT image plate scanner

Due to permanently optimising existing products and developing new solutions, DÜRR NDT has positioned itself as one of the market leaders for imaging inspection systems within short. The innovative HD CR 35-NDT image plate scanner is a system that, for the first time, fully complies with the stringent requirements of EN 14784 and ASTM 2446 due to high-resolution imaging plates and a laser spot with only 12.5μm.

Conclusion: A perfect high-end product for ultra-precise weld inspection and due to an indefinitely adjustable laser tracking system, it also provides reliable technology for tasks with lower resolution requirements. TÜV Austria and TÜV Süd SZA have already been won to use this system as reference customers.