PROTEC is an innovative all-rounder with respect to X-ray technology. The product portfolio embraces all product types, from patient X-ray tables, analogue X-ray film processors to fully digital direct radiographic systems (DR) and complete X-ray systems, which can also be rented upon client’s request. PROTEC components fit perfectly into existing systems, thus allowing a cost-effective technological upgrade or a smooth transition to digitalization.

PROTEC PXC-X2 X-ray container

X-Ray Container PROTEC

‘X-ray in the box’ is the slogan for the newest solution of PROTEC. In connection with the X-ray system PRS 500 X PROTEC now offers a fully equipped, mobile X-ray container.

Unlike expensive X-ray trucks, which sometimes daily travel to new places, the PROTEC X-ray container remains at the same location for weeks or months. The X-ray container can be transported by any standard crane truck to the next location. The reception area can accommodate up to four patients. Two locker rooms guarantee a first-class work flow. The X-ray container is prepared for an extern power supply with a 400 V socket.

Image processing and archiving with PROPAXX


PROPAXX is a software solution for viewing, processing and archiving that offers you multifunctional and flexible support in the diagnosis of X-ray images. In addition to the wide spectrum of possibilities to optimize and analyse image data, the software includes a selection of useful administrative tools and assisting functions, as e.g. the integrated interface for reporting the clinical findings or synchronic viewing of X-ray images in the digital light box from the same window and zoom perspective.

Compact swivelling handle system for optimal workflow


The PROTEC PEDS 600 is a cutting-edge swivelling handle radiography system which includes a microprocessor controlled converter-generator from the PROTEC PROVARIO HF series. Due to its compact construction, the system is optimally suited for use in orthopaedics, surgery and traumatology, where minimal space requirements are imperative. In order to ensure rapid workflow, the digital automatic exposure and anatomical programmer (APR) are part of the package.

Maximal configurability for exposures that are gentle on the patient


As a complete radiography system, the PROTEC PRS 500 provides the operator with a powerful x-ray workstation and the patient with a pleasant environment. The all-in-one system supports all recording techniques in the areas of orthopedics, surgery and urology. The x-ray unit is combined with a microprocessor-controlled converter-generator from the PROTEC PROVARIO HF series, which is built into the tabletop.  In order to ensure rapid workflow, the digital automatic exposure and anatomical programmer (APR) are included.

The digital mobile x-ray system


Specifically designed for use in hospital emergency departments and intensive care units, the mobile all-in-one system PROSLIDE 32-DR TOUCH is ideal for x-raying immobile patients. The elegant, cutting-edge appearance alone demonstrates its capabilities: the use of a 22” multi touch widescreen monitor with outstanding performance characteristics supports the simple workflow. Paired with the system's premium design, the CONAXX 2 image acquisition and generator represents an optimal package for a wide mobile application.

Portable Detector Performance

RAPIXX 4336M2F WIFI DR Detektor

The direct radiography system RAPIXX 4336M2F WiFi represents state of the art 43 x 36cm flat panel technology. CONAXX DR software and the accompanying interface box are both included, enabling simple synchronisation with the x-ray unit.
The portable flat panel dector allows the user to work closely with the patient, even in difficult circumstances – for example, in emergency situations, intensive care and operating theatres, or when the patient is unable to move.

This dector is perfectly suited for DR upgrade solutions, available in the formats 43 x 43 cm and 33 x 26 cm and can also be rented as a X-ray complete system without initial costs.