Oehm und Rehbein

Oehm und Rehbein GmbH, located in Rostock, has been successfully creating innovative and specialised X-ray solutions since 1991. The german company is a leading provider of digital X-ray imaging (CR, DR) and image management (PACS). Its clients include hospitals, universities and specialised medical practices as well as aid organisations, medical services and customers from the industry (NDT) and public authorities (security).

Medici DR systems – Digital upgrade of existing stationary and mobile X-ray systems

Medici DR-Systeme

Medici DR systems can be supplied to be compatible with almost any existing X-ray system. Tethered or wireless X-ray detectors of various makes and sizes allow custom configuration of the system. The dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition software can be operated intuitively via a touchscreen, adjusts to your work routine and provides X-ray images of the highest reproducable quality.

Leonardo DR nano – one of the lightest portable X-ray solutions worldwide

Leonardo DR nano system

The Leonardo DR nano consists of two components only, a wireless X-ray detector and a tablet PC. Weighing only approx. 8 kg (complete package, bag incl. tablet PC/notebook, accessories and 12" x 10" flat panel detektor), the system is one of the lightest portable X-ray solutions worldwide. It supports users in outpatient digital radiography.

Leonardo DR mini – Small, light and functional

Leonardo DR mini

This wireless and compact suitcase solution weighs only 9.5 kg and can be used by mobile medical services all over the world, including small medical units on ships, yachts or oil rigs.



Leonardo DR 1417 – compact suitcase solution for ambulant digital radiography

Leonardo DR 1417

The robust suitcase made out of shock proof materials, is easy to handle and transport with its extendable handle and integrated wheels. It also offers the option to integrate a fold-out table.

Amadeo M mini – wireless digital X-ray imaging for mobil use


The advanced design of the new Amadeo M mini series is characterised by a sophisticated reduction to essential components and functional operating elements. The system is designed for portable use and can easily be transported due to its low overall weight and compact build.

Amadeo M – compact mobile solution in a new dimension

Amadeo M

This system benefits from an optimal weight-size-performance ratio. The Amadeo M system includes, depending on the version, all the necessary components such as X-ray detector, X-ray generator and image processing workstation including a worldwide used software package with a practical X-ray positioning guide for correct adjustment.

Amadeo Z-DR – fully motorised all-round unit

Amadeo Z-DR

This model is a fully motorised DR system and available as DR version (wireless und tethered) as well as CR version. The U-arm can be positioned easily and within seconds. The stand is equipped with four electric motors for precise and effortless positioning. The system caters for patients in a sitting, standing or prone position (table is optional).

Amadeo R-DR – Universal X-ray system for small rooms


The Amadeo R-DR is a universal X-ray system with bucky table and wall stand and available as DR version (wireless und tethered) as well as CR version. Due to its compact design it can be installed in the most confined spaces. Since it is easy to operate, radiographers can quickly familiarise themselves with the system.

Amadeo S-DR – compact U-arm system for confined spaces


The Amadeo S U-arm X-ray system is a universal imaging stand with an optional mobile patient table. Images of patients in a standing, sitting or lying position can be taken effortlessly thanks to the special cross arm and the long vertical operating range. The compact design of the Amadeo X-ray stand allows it to be installed in very confined spaces.

Amadeo P-100/20HB – portable monoblock X-ray unit based on high frequency technology

Amadeo P-100_20 HB

Powered by a high capacity lithium ion polymer battery, the Amadeo P-100/20HB portable X-Ray unit does not need AC power to operate. With around 300 exposures possible between recharges, the Amadeo P-100/20HB reduces cable clutter around the patient, improfing workplace security.

Amadeo P-100/35HB – portable monoblock X-ray unit based on high frequency technology

Amadeo P-100_35HB

Amadeo P-100/35HB is a compact and lightweight battery-powered, cordless, portable X-ray unit (CE declaration of conformity in accordance with Directive 93/42/ EEC). Utilizing revolutionary micro technology and a powerful lithium ion battery, the Amadeo P-100/35HB portable delivers the power up to 3000 mAs without recharging the battery.

dicomPACS® – innovative image management for maximum demands


dicomPACS® is an innovative and intelligent high tech solution for image processing as well as practice and hospital management. With the help of dicomPACS® a paperless daily working routine can become reality. All types of images (X-rays, CT, MRI, digital camera, ultrasound) as well as all kinds of documents (doctors' letters, diagnoses, recovery processes, faxes) can be acquired, diagnosed and then filed in the digital patient file only one mouse click away.