Conventional X-ray systems

In spite of the development of highly efficient, digital X-ray systems and media, conventional X-ray systems are still a very important radiation method particularly with respect to therapeutic measures. When imaging bones, this method is actually indispensable. Therefore, we also offer competent full service for all conventional X-ray processing systems.

Agfa Curix 60 – High-quality images guaranteed

agfa curix 60

The Curix 60 is a table-top processor with high-performance technology. It can be easily fitted into a small space, still guaranteeing maximum image quality.

Agfa CP 1000 – User-friendly and compact

agfa CP 1000

The Agfa CP 1000 film-processing machine is easy to operate. Due to the compact size and the low weight, there are no installation costs. Temperature and drying is controlled automatically.

Protec Optimax – The all-rounder

protec optimax 2010

The quality components grant highest reliability. The integrated stand-by mode reduces energy and water consumption and after 90 seconds a film is ready for diagnose.

Protec Ecomax – The ingeniously simple table-top processor

protec ecomax

All parameters of the ECOMAX X-ray film processor influencing image quality are factory set to optimal values.
This makes the operation easier and reduces operator error. Just plug in the new processor and fill it with chemicals and the ECOMAX is ready for operation. So ingeniously simple.

Cawomat 2000 IR – Flexible and convenient

cawomat 2000-IR

The table-top processor requires space of only 65 x 99 cm and thus also fits into the smallest darkrooms. The film processing time of 137 seconds allows developing 60 X-ray films per hour.