Material Testing Microtek

Service Power Austria is an official dealer and technical support partner of Microtek, a leading manufacturer of scanners and digital imaging solutions.

Revolutionary NDT-2000 film digitizing

NDT-2000 Film-Digitalisierung

The NDT-2000 Film Digitizing System is a digitizing solution developed exclusively by Microtek for use in the NDT/RT industry. It is a modified model of the MII-900 Plus that can deliver better industrial digitizing images. Together with MiiNDT, an image analysis and management software, it can provide more effective solutions for NDT/RT companies.

In addition to retaining the great features of the original MII-900 Plus, such as 1200 dpi (21 μm) optical solutions, 16-bit grayscale, and exclusive AFF and multi-channel trays, the NDT-2000 has better optical density via innovative image technology, enabling it to enrich image levels and meet the NDT/RT industry's high image quality requirements.